Bride's Table LLC 


Wedding Cakes by Chef Darlene Casey Rogers

About Bride's Table...

Bride's Table offers one of a kind custom cakes for weddings and other important celebrations in your life.  Chef Casey Rogers only takes on one wedding cake at a time, so your beautifully designed wedding cake is the only thing on her agenda that week.  Your cake is made by hand and from scratch.  Chef Casey knows that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and keeps that in mind when designing and creating your wedding cake masterpiece.  Her passion for baking and cake design shows with each and every cake she makes.

No matter what your budget may be, Bride's Table can create a wedding cake design to fit perfectly on your special day.  Every cake is custom designed to fit your needs and made with love to fulfill your every wedding wish.

Give Bride's Table a call and see what we can do for you!

Who I am...

Wedding cake designer Chef Darlene Casey Rogers is a premier wedding cake designer who merges her passions of design and baking to craft her own cake company.  With an eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, Casey calls upon her design skills to carefully create handcrafted wedding cakes and other specialty cakes exuding creativity.  Casey is currently training to be a Master in the Sugar Arts, a title only 17 other people hold in the United States.  She has been a Chef for 30 years with a background in savory food.  This has translated into delicious cake and fresh flavors.  

Casey has always had a love for baking.  Coming from New Orleans, French cuisine has been an influence on her style of cooking and design.  Travel is also a passion, having been to all points of Europe, Israel, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and her favorite the United Kingdom.  She has an interest in the art of food and design from many places, evident in her creations.  Chef Casey works independently rather than in a production shop, prefering to be in an atmosphere of creativity and never sacrifice quality for the sake of efficiency.  The commercial studio is a creative refuge located on her Hill Country ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas.  There, Chef Casey produces beautiful wedding cakes that are both pleasing to the eye and tasteful to the palet. 

Chef Casey's studio is founded on the principle that "Work is love made visible."

What I do...

Chef Casey is an artist, creating custom cake designs.  There are free tastings with four choices  pairing cake with filling and covering.  At the tasting, Chef Casey will sketch your unique design.  Together, you will design the wedding cake or other specialty cake of your dreams. At Bride's Table, Chef Casey will work with you to focus the dream into a reality, "plan the work and work the plan."  Bride's Table offers custom and personal service for you.

How I do it...

Chef Casey takes on only one or two cakes a weekend, ensuring that your cake is hand crafted to your taste.  Unlike many other wedding cake companies that take on 30 or 40 cakes a weekend, yours is the focus which allows quality that isn't sacrificed for quantity.  You are not just another number on an assembly line of cakes.  Only fresh ingredients, never frozen and with three torte layers per tier.